Home Health Lime!

Lime Aparts has thought of everything you could need in your room, she's already packed her house. A table and chair, a comfortable bed, a comfortable bed, a large wardrobe, wardrobe, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, television, kettle, bookcase, mirror… There is no door to door or search for goods, no money to spend, no transportation problems, master capris also. Your own private bathroom, kitchen, washing machine and more. Your new roommates are waiting for you!

If you want a festive, you want a class!

Noise, chaos, disorder ... We know that ordinary dormitory environments can become a nightmare. There is no such chaos in Lime. We help you differentiate between fun and lesson in terms of building layout and architecture! You open your door and join the party, close your door and work for the finals. Everything is behind that door. You're studying for your test in your quiet and quiet room.

You're at home at Lime Aparts, you're safe at home.

The road to Lime Aparts passes through security. Security is our business! Our first job at Lime Aparts is to live in a safe, uneventful, quiet environment. Your belongings and the cameras protecting you are on record, our security guards are at the door, the internal telephone system in your room is at your fingertips. We also have a room for your belongings that you would like us to keep for you. You see, everything is under control at Lime Aparts!

Don't call your house far!

One of the best things about living in Lime Aparts is that long journeys and time lost on the roads are not in your life. Thanks to its location, Lime aparts minimizes the distance between your campus and the comfort of your family home!

Let us work!

The classics of the final period, gather together, let's sit and work together, say the crowds in the school, the noise in the café, the silence syndrome in the library and all your plans. What do Lime residents do in such a situation? Horses come home. He opens the door of the study room, does homework together and passes the exam together.

The formula for comfortable living in college.

A comfortable room, a comfortable head, a comfortable building, a family-friendly management team that meets all your needs elik Moreover, all this comfort is only 500 meters from Kyrenia American University campus! Don't even think about comparing your life at Lime Aparts to a dormitory or hotel room. Your comfort and comfort at home is waiting for you here!

Everyone here is like you.

Everyone here is like you. We come from the same schools and go to the same schools. We like the same movies, music, stories. In Lime, dozens of people of the same age and the same ideas are right next door. New friends, new hobbies, new stories are waiting for you at Lime!

We came to sit down?

We are young, of course, our blood is boiling. We do not sit so young and gather. There's always something fun going on in his life in Lime. Parties, cultural activities, sailing and many other sports activities, surprise events nasıl You will be amazed at how full your day was. Lime has everything, no boredom!